Monday, February 8, 2010

Forbidden Taboo Phone Sex With The Age Play Teen
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I know how those cravings for little girls haunt you at night. It's the most forbidden taboo, and you've know for a long time to keep those pedo fantasies secret from the rest of the world. I'm your salvation. The naughty age play teen who has no limits and will do anything to make your fantasies feel like a reality. I'm a phone sex goddess, whether it's mild or extremely wicked, I'm the girl for you. Do you want me to be your accomplice? Do you want me to help rape the little girl next door? I know you've been dying to stretch out those pink holes. Or how about the the bad babysitter? You know that that Dad's love, I'll be you're sweet little cocksucking princess and give you a blow job on the way home. But I'm always, first and foremost, Daddy's little girl. I'll suck on my thumb and beg Daddy to cum to bed with me. Why? Because I'm the perfect fantasy.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I have a tight little ass hole just begging to me raped by your huge cock during anal rape phone sex!!! Make me take out my biggest dildo and shove it up pretty puckered hole with no lube! lola3 My dripping wet cunny is begging to be fisted, then make me practice face sitting so you can enjoy the huge gape you’ve inflicted. Turn me into the pain slut and the cum whore you know I am. That’s what I love about you, you see me for what I really am, and that’s nothing more than a dirty fuck slut, right?
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Impregnation Fantasy Phone Sex
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I love any naughty taboo phone sex fantasy that you can think of. Why? Because I get to talk about absolutely anything I want. All those forbidden fantasies that get my pussy dripping with juices… I get to talk about with you while your stroking your cock! My favorite fantasy lately is impregnation. I love the idea of of having Daddy cumming deep inside of his little girl, and then his little girl having a tiny baby for Daddy to play with. Our own little incest family! Do you wanna join my taboo family fun?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rape Fantasy Phone Sex
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Look at me. I look so young and innocent. The type of girl you'd love to take home and rape mercilessly. Do you wanna hear me scream? Are you going to make me cry and beg you to stop? I hope so. I want you told hold me down and make me choke on your cock, fuck my face until my little lips turn blue! I want you to turn rough phone sex into something so dark and deviant you have to stroke your cock thinking about it for days. I'm your taboo phone sex fantasy, so rape and abuse all my tight little girl holes... are you man enough? I mean I'm just a little girl...

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